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Bodum Naoko Teapot - 0.95 Liter *OUT OF STOCK*

One of BODUM's newest introductions, the Naoko Teabowl was inspired by Carsten Jorgensen 8 years ago. Today, we have the technology to produce it. Inspired by the Genie Lamp, the teabowl looks nice and brews tea in a snap. Included in the bowl is a stainless steel infuser. Just add your favorite loose leaf tea, fill it with hot water, and let the tea steep to your liking. When you are finished brewing, you can easily remove the infuser basket to stop the brewing process, replace the lid and serve. The Naoko Teabowl makes an elegant presentation. One Liter in size, the Naoko will yield approximately 4 - 8 oz cups of tea.
YBD024 (1710-16)

Shipping Time : 7 to 10 working days

Shipping Time : 7 to 10 working days

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