Before you go ahead figuring out whether this is best for your home.

Do you know the difference between "Rattan" and "Wicker"? Fret not, let me explain the easiest way for you to understand. Rattan is a type of furniture material. Wicker is a weaving technique. Simple. Now onwards to the main point of this article. Not many people know this but Rattan or locally known in Malaysia as Rotan was made famous in Malaysia back in the 1900s. It is a well established Malaysia-produced material that is used for indoors and outdoor furniture for most nostalgic Malaysian homes.

Somehow being in the year 2021, it has made it comes back with a twist of modern design and hybrid materials of solid wood frameworks and stainless steel, to some. Hence you are here figuring out your big question whether you should or shouldn't with such nostalgic yet modern design furniture.

Let's look at the pros and cons of Rattan furniture:

Aesthetic & light design

✅Locally produced


✅FIts in most living spaces of your home

✅Fits these concepts: traditional/vintage Asian to mid-century to eclectic

❌Not cozy

❌Requires care (especially for outdoor rattan)

❌Does not fit general furniture concepts, might not work with the furniture you have at home

❌Loosen over time


Here are the questions to ask yourself before purchase:

Does it clash with your current furniture or style/concept at home?

Will a lot of people be using it? Is it meant to be a seat for a long while?

Will it be in your backyard, exposed to extreme weather?

If you answer all the above 3 questions with a NO. You are right, the rattan furniture would be something fitting for your home :) and apart from that, did you know it is reasonably priced compared to their cousins' rubberwood and teakwood furniture?


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