Add uniqueness to your decor with our handmade rugs. Made with special attention to detail, every piece is one of a kind.

Why choose hand-made rugs?

Although handmade rugs are a bit costly compared to machine-made rugs, they are always worth investing and here are some reasons why.

-Unique, as every design is different than the others.

-Best quality materials are used to weave handmade rugs so they are durable and long-lasting.

-Each piece is a work of art. It tells a story and thoughts of the artisan therefore can be used as a collectible.

- Wide variety of colors and sizes are available for you to choose the best piece for your decor.

Choosing a perfect rug for your home which matches the aesthetic and grabs attention by just one look is definitely hard that's why we offer free personal consultation to help you choose the best product for your home.

For more information contact us today via Whatsapp 012-2053651 (June) / 012-3950500 (Judy) or email us at [email protected].