GRABit provides an extensive range of furniture & furnishings for your dream home, but did you know we provide Interior Design consultation and services? We provide FREE Interior Design Consultation with Moodboard compilation and basic furniture layout plan to further emphasize your dream home concept.

GRABit Five-Step for Interior Design Consultation can be referred here:

1. First Meet

For our first communication, we will have a detailed understanding of what concept & color theme you desire that will fit your space. We will specify your concepts, timeline, and what exactly GRABit can offer to you; an extensive service of concept creation, design & build, and loose furniture (ready & custom-made) just for you!Apart from providing your concepts verbally and through picture reference, you can also provide us your floor plan and direct viewing of your house for measurement (this is only applicable in the Klang Valley area)

2.Presentation & Quotation

We will present your COMPLIMENTARY consultation that is limited between one to two hours, the consultation includes a mood board and general layout concept to bring your idea to life! Here, we will visualize (the first attempt) what is right for your lovely home. A quotation will then be presented by the end of the presentation for your ease of decision on to further our service and production for your desired furniture & furnishing, or just desired detailed 3D concept planning

3. 3D render (layout/product)

After the 70% deposit of quotation confirmed, we will start production of detailed drawings via our 3D rendering program. The final submission of the drawing will proceed after the Customer's approval been made.

4. Second Meet

We will present the final 3D render and detailed planning at your convenience. The timeline and process of furniture & furnishing (if any) will be confirmed at this meeting. Any other final edits/changes needed will be presented from both parties will be required at this meeting. All finalization planning and concept is a go here!

5. Full Quotation Delivery

The balance of 30% of the quotation confirmed is to be cleared before full quotation delivery. Once full payment been made, we will make sure production is to be fulfilled within the timeline confirmed during the Second Meet. We will get things done and we guarantee the quality of service & production for 100% customer satisfaction.